How to Order
Please fill out theORDER FORMand check
payment method collection on delivery orbank transferto place an order.
clickNEXTto go to corder confirmation page.
Check all fields are filled, then click "Confirm Order" to place an order.
confirmation e-mail
ごAfter order placement, we will send a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours to you.
IF you do not receive our confirmation e-mail within 72 hours, please contact us.
Send photo
With a confirmation e-mail, we will let you know how to send us your photo to carve. Please send us your favourite photo via e-mail or postal mail.
Postal fee should be paid at customer side.
If you choose bank transfer, please make payment in advance.
Our bank account will be informed by confirmation e-mail.
Check photos
When we receive your photo, we will check the size and contrasts whether your photo can be carved on Gold or not.

IF your photo cannot be carved...
In case your photos are not suitable for carving, we will ask you to send another photo or you can cancel the order.、

If you wish to cancel the order and already made payment, we will promptly refund.
Stard production
We will start to make your own MEMORY ALBUM with your original message and favourite photo carving. Semi-custom made production will take 2-3 weeks.
Production takes 2-3 weeks, please feel free to contact how is YOUR album processing!
If you choose payment on delivery, please make payment goods on arrival.
If you do not claim cancellation withing COOLING OFF term (7 days on goods arrival)
your purchase will be regarded as settled.
(return and refund details here)
To place an order, please fill the cantact form and SEND us.
Carve your message and photos on Original order  MEMORY ALBUM of K18 gold with diamond.
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